Sunday, November 1, 2009

To the NIH - Please acknowledge existing science !

People with Diabetes & People Who Know People With Diabetes
National Institutes of Health re: the ACCORD Diabetes Study: "Intensively targeting blood sugar to near-normal levels ... increases risk of death. "This statement is untrue. This study lowered blood glucose levels only by aggressive drug treatment.

Preventative measures and proven non-drug treatments are being ignored by the NIH, ADA and many other governing agencies.

There is abundant scientific evidence proving a carbohydrate restricted diet can be as effective as drugs in lowering blood glucose levels safely. Many times diet is more effective than medication in controlling diabetes - all without side effects or increased risk of death.

I ask that the National Institutes of Health publically retract the above quoted statement. It is misleading the public.
I also request that the NIH acknowledge the existing science and fund more research by the experts who have experience with carbohydrate restriction as a means of treatment for diabetes.

Unfortunately, most diabetics are encouraged to reduce their fat intake and monitor their carbohydrate intake at approximately 60 grams per meal. Once reducing my girth by 85lbs., I continue to eat 60 grams or less a day after maintaining this lifestyle for 10 years now. I could have been a diabetic statistic with many of my cousins and a few uncles suffering currently.

This information diabetics are receiving is coming from Registered Dieticians who are trained using the USDA Food Pyramid which was designed not for human health, rather political and economic benefit. In case you aren't familar with the USDA Food Pyramid, it is recommended that we consume 6-12 servings of grains daily with 50% being whole grain. Let's start with 50% being whole grain! ? Really? As a holistic Nutrition Educator, I recommend no refined grains for optimum health and that is what an educated person should advise. Does your government have your good health in mind first and foremost? If you consider that the majority of the US economy depends upon poor health for its economic status, (think cancer treatments alone) consider their advice as the exact opposite for your good health. Your poor health drives our economy!

So, with that being said, I encourage anyone interested in longevitiy for their family member or themselves to sign the below petition.
In optimum health....

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