Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gathered information regarding the H1N1 vaccine

I have been working on gathering information for a radio show I will appear on this evening. "In Touch With Milo" on KGGV, Guerneville. You can stream it live at kggv.blogspot.com.

I am more astounded than ever with the research I've gathered. I'm sitting here currently with a mountain of printed material as well, several different website resources at my fingertips!! Confused, dumbfounded, agitated, pissed off.....yes, these are some of the descriptive words I can use to describe how I feel right now. Are we truly sheeple? Do we just follow and believe? the history is astounding people!

If you go to the CDC or FDA websites, the information is so vague. While there are thimerasol free vaccinations, they are not made widely available. The biggest joke currently is the word "reduced amounts of thimerasol". No amount of mercury is healthy! This project began as the H1N1 research but the farther into this I got, the more appauled I am. From the AIDS virus and the New York City Hepatitis B campaign to this particular vaccine, H1N1.

We have gone as a society from about 10 shots in our lifetime to up to 36? Really? A healthy civilized people? Yeah! GOTCHA! We might be civilized but we're far from healthy. In fact, we're such an unhealthy society, we've turned into the sheeple I've mentioned above. While you're munching on your Quarter Pounder and sipping your soda are you contemplating the vaccine? Or are you eating an apple with a few slices of cheese thinking "I'm safe, I took my vitamin D today and I'm sure to eat healthy so as not to compromise my immune system" I won't tell you what the right answer is because you should already know. Your behavior more than likely just might dictate your need for this vaccination that could potentially super charge your immune system to actually attack itself and end up with Guillian Barre Syndrome. Just one in a million are affected by this nuerological disease right? Your lottery ticket probably has the same odds but you bet on those don't you?

If one milion people have already been exposed to this flu why I ask you are more people not dying or falling ill? If you've been exposed to this flu, you also have an increased risk of worse incidence of the flu should you decide to accept this vaccine.

Yes, you could very well contract this flu this year. However, if your immune system is optimized, meaning you're working hard to support the works of your miraculous body, you'll fall ill, maybe be in bed for a few days but then, you've built immunity.

Check out the links below and satisfy yourself with research and factual information. Don't be a guinnea pig for pharmaceutical profit! If you are pregnant, I beg you not to allow your Dr. to let your growing baby become an experiment. Mercury, Squalene, Formaldahyde, antibiotics, I mean really???? I was nervous to take an aspirin while pregnant!



Donna said...

Thank-you for this article and the links Misty! We have to keep being proactive and get the word out!


Tiffany said...

Thanks Misty -
I needed to read this as my sister gave me a huge guilt trip about not vaccinating the little one. I know I'm making the right decision for us.

Misty Humphrey said...

We are, as a society pressured into making decisions that don't always benefit us. Unfortunatley ladies, rather than educate us in the proper care and optimization of the human frame, our health and nutrition advice comes from a place of political and economic benefit. It's almost as if we have given up on the miraculous workings of the human body for new fangled science that has not proven to work. Tiffany, do you optimize your childs immune system or do you give your little one a shot filled with dangerous chemicals and worry for the rest of his/her little childhood looking for evidence of damage? The flu season soon shall pass. I have a girlfriend with preemie twins and at 2 years old, they are making the decision not to vaccinate against Dr.s recommendations and are choosing to stay in more this flu season.