Saturday, October 10, 2009

How Much Vitamin D Do You Really Need to Take?

How Much Vitamin D Do You Really Need to Take?

This is a 30 minute video on some studies that have been carried out by the Grass Roots organization. If you learn nothing else from me, know that Vitamin D can save your life. Unfortunately, we have been mis-guided into believing that any amount of sun is dangerous. This is just not true. If sun exposure is at an all time low, sun screen use an all time high, and consequently melanoma cases are sky rocketing? We clearly have something else to blame.

Of course sun exposure is the healthiest most efficient delivery of Vitamin D but this is impossible to obtain if you reside above the equator. Supplementation is then necessary. Remember, our RDA for supplements were set to simply avoid blatant disease of that particular deficiency, ie: Rickets is the noted diesease from a Vitamin D deficiency. At 400IU per the RDA, that's the only thing you'll prevent. I am recommending a minimum of 1000IU of Vitamin D to my clients as well, 25OHD testing to detect potential deficiency. At this point, your Dr. might recommend a prescription strength of 50,000IU's once weekly and a lower daily dose thereafter.

I constantly hear "I drink milk" or "I eat cheese". Unfortunately, the fortified dairy is a synthetic form of Vitamin D. You want Vitamin D3 or as it is also referred to, cholecalciferol.

This winter arm yourself! Take 1tsp. per 50lb. of body weight of Norweigen Cod Liver Oil. My recommended brand is Carlsons, Lemon Flavored 500mg DHA. Not only will this supply yo
u with a nice dose of Vitamins A & D but your daily dose of omega 3 fatty acids as well!

Though Cod Liver Oil has a dose of Vitamin D, I would recommend one arm themselves with a boost of additional D with Carlsons D drops at 1-2 drops per day. This will provide you with 1000-2000 additional IU's for
illness protection.

In the 1950's, the use of Cod Liver Oil for supplementation was discouraged by none other than Dr. Spock, the infamous pediatrician whom most parents counted on to deliver safe and accurate information. Dr. Spock claimed that vaccinations will now replace the need for supplementation. What a sad day that was. Now, with the rates of ADD, ADHD, Autism and other developmenatal disabilities, soaring cancer rates, debilitating brain disorders, we need to get back to our traditional roots of whole food supplementation.

In light of the H1N1 virus, you and your children will be much better served by supplementation, fresh whole foods and a reduction in processed foods for optimal immune support.

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Tiffany said...

No h1n1 or flu vaccine for my little one. I am going to buy the drops for him...and am very thankful to you for exposing that he's not actually getting the vitamin D he needs from his milk! Thanks for all you do!

Vesna VK said...

"...but this is impossible to obtain if you reside above the equator."

Or below it, right? ;)

Misty Humphrey said...

you bet Vesna! This is why I own a UVB tanning bed and try to use it a couple of times a week.