Monday, November 2, 2009

Swine Flu Brings Big Business for Doctors and Drug Companies - ABC News

I've been researching most of the day today for my appearance on KGGV tomorrow evening. I'm a bit stressed right now to hear that President Obama may hold stock in Baxter, the original manufacturer of the H1N1 vaccine. This led me to the story below from ABC News and again, we can draw the line of conclusion. As a Nutrition Educator, it is my job to educate the people on the subject of nutrition and its relationship with good health. I work hard to research alternative therapies and food choices for ailments that many Americans most commonly suffer. Two are elevated or negative cholesterol readings as well as acid reflux. These are in fact the easiest two to manage with optimized nutrition.

If you are still following me here, my point is the sales of statins and antacid medications it seems are slowing. Great! My colleauges and I are either doing our jobs or Dr.'s out there are finally doing what they are supposed to do and that is the care of the human frame not just the treatment of disease. But then again, we are in fact living in a time when your poor health is to the benefit of our economy. Imagine that! Someone profits from your illness. While you are suffering that chemo treatment, lying in your bed with sores that won't heal or finding that your muslces are weak and you might just have tears in your muscles.......someone is profiting.

You should be the only one profiting from health. Your GOOD health! Your profit? Longevity, vitality and love and enjoyment of those around you. Think about your choices each and every day because one day, you just may not have a choice. Knowledge is power, please use your head!

Be well
Swine Flu Brings Big Business for Doctors and Drug Companies - ABC News

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