Friday, May 1, 2009

h1 n1 previously known as "The Swine Flu"

Do you fear the next big pandemic? Are you pricing face masks for fear that you just might be the next victim? Or, are you pretty confident that your immune system is pumped up and ready to go?

Some say it's the survival of the fittest and this could ring true. When I say survival of the fittest, I mean those that are aware that the body has an awesome ability to heal itself if properly cared for and given the tools to do so it can fight off disease the moment it hits the system and more effectively than any medication or antibiotic.

We know that this flu is transferred from human to human via respiratory spores. While sanitation is so very important, those hard working T-Cells need to be strong and ready to jump to action.

When one consumes a primarily processed foods lifestyle, this gives no nutrition to the human frame therefore forcing the system to borrow valuable vitamins and minerals from your tissue, blood and bones. This reduces your immune response ability and opens you up to the latest pandemic among other illness and disease.

Some tips from me include:

Practice a whole fresh foods lifestyle, avoid processed refined foods

Include fruits and vegetables high in Vitamin C like berries, green leafy vegetables and squash and pumpkin. I like Acerola Cherry wafers and 2-4 wafers daily is a nice immune booster.

Vitamin D is one of your primary immune support micronutrients and I recommend Cod Liver Oil as well as Vitamin D3 in the form of cholecalciferol. Carlsons D3 drops are nice!

Avoid sugar! It is said that one teaspoon of sugar can supress the immune system for many hours and even days. A soda has about 12 tsp.

Consume coconut oil. With its anti-viral, anti-microbial properties, it's the perfect prescription to lower that potential viral load!

Again, this just might be the survival of the fittest and if you think this is the last one, brace yourself. We are an unhealthy world and without nutrition reform in your own household, disease is eminent.

How fit is your immune system?

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