Monday, February 16, 2009

The Cholesterol Lie: What Your Doctor Doesn't Know

I am amazed at the amount of people I encounter daily who are on some form of cholesterol drug. I could be that person had I not discovered nutrition. I have a family history of elevated cholesterol numbers. My total number at one time was 250. I remember the call from the Doctor. I believe I was about 35 years old and had a physical with blood work included. This, my very first. The Dr. called me personally with the results and advised I lower my fat and salt intake. I do believe that I tried for about a week and forgot all about that call that really did frighten me so. Not enough I guess until my body image ruled the health decisions that needed to be made. Suffice it to say, I still have a high total cholesterol number. And I am proud of it. Yes, proud! Statistics say I have a lower rate of contracting cancer with my high number. I know what I eat so I can also proudly say I am not promoting heart disease rather preventing it. Want to know why I am so confident? See the video below.

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