Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monsanto & Cancer: Crack for cows?

And if you currently trust that Aspartame is safe or anything Monsanto is responisble for, you're their puppet. It's just how they like it. I can't tell you how many times I've heard in my 10 year health quest "There's no scientific evidence that aspartame is dangerous" of course, word has it that scientists working for Monsanto have had un-explained, un-timely deaths. When you decide to work on improving your health or if that is your current journey, know that everything related to diet and nutrition in the mainstream is actually quite opposite than that of the truth.

The following video is in relation to the added synthetic growth hormones that are added to your dairy. Who consumes the majority of our dairy? Generally, your children. Yes, your little girl who you would never put on a birth control pill right? Your 3 year old sweetie on a birth control pill? Yes, that's essentially what is happening here. Your son, can store these hormones as excessive estrogen there by causing gender issues such as breasts, etc. This is only touching lightly as we only think that adults are at risk for cancers right? WRONG! Demand clean dairy. If you cannot afford organic, at the very least, do look for the label claiming "rBGH free" or you might also see "cows not treated with rBGH". You can check your favorite brand at:

And the videos of interest:

Your best option is always raw organic dairy. It is not available to everyone yet others have more access than they realize by visiting a campaign for real milk, a cow share program:

Do try to look for rBGH free, organic and/or raw dairy

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